History - Guerciotti
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Guerciotti History ~

For forty years, the Guerciotti (pronounced gwar-cheo-tee) family's passion for bikes has made the name world famous for quality, speed and beauty. Even in his late 50's, Paolo is fit, lean and strong. He is more than just a name on a bike. He has ridden, raced and made bikes all of his adult life.

It started in 1964, when Italo Guerciotti, a well known and accomplished cyclocross rider, decided to open a little bicycle shop in Milan with his brother Paolo. It was Italo's passion that got young Paolo involved in racing. Paolo started to ride as a junior in 1961. His success was immediate, winning races from the start. From 1961 to 1966 he raced on the road. In 1967, he decided to race cyclocross exclusively. In 1979, he was chosen by the Italian Federation to represent Italy at the world championships in Saccolongo. In 1980 he retired from professional racing.

It was at this time that it became apparent that the shop was too small for the growing business. Over the next several decades the business moved several times to ever larger locations in central Milan.

In 1976 Guerciotti bicycles entered the professional cycling world, equipping the Fiorella-Mocassini team. Victories continued as Guerciotti bikes were ridden by a succession of successful pro teams: Fiorella-Citroen, Magniflex-Fam Cucine, Giro d'Italia), Santini-Selle Italia, Alfa Lum, and Dromedario-Sidermec. There were numerous notable racers on Guerciotti bikes in this era, including G.B. Baronchelli and Giovanni Battaglin. In 1976, Guerciotti started supplying the GBC cyclocross team, directed by Dino Zandegł. In 1979 Guerciotti Bikes was also equipping many amateur teams including the Pedale Saronnese. The Saronese Pedalers had an interesting young rider named Claudio Chiappucci.

Paolo's involvement with racing, both road and cyclocross, continues to this day as Guerciotti bikes are ridden in every top road, cross, and track race around the world.

To get an understanding of how deeply Guerciotti has been involved with cyclocross and how why his bikes have gained such a powerful world-wide reputation for excellence, it would be useful to look at the most notable victories gained on Guerciotti cross bikes:


Top Guerciotti CycloCross Victories From 1977 to 2001:

During this period, Team Guerciotti earned over 850 victories!


bullet2 Professionial World Championships
bullet7 Amateur World Championships:
bullet1 Open World Championship
bullet1 World Cup
bullet6 Italian Amateur National Championships
bullet4 Italian Elite National Championships
bullet1 Italian Under 23 National Championship
bullet2 Italian Junior National Championships
bullet5 Belgium Professional National Championships
bullet2 German Amateur National Championships
bullet2 German Professional National Championships
bullet6 Danish Amateur National Championships