No22 Ti
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No22 Gravel Ti



For every rider on every road

Searching for the finest riding, most dependable, and most desirable gravel bike available today?

Look no further than the Drifter from No22



No22 Drifter ~

"The Drifter is quiet, smooth and responsive, a great all-rounder. What I like is that it's just as enjoyable sauntering along as it is going for a blast. One other thing that really stands out for me is how memorable it is. The ride always seems to linger after I get off this bike." -

Handcrafted in the USA of 3AL-2.5 aerospace certified seamless titanium, custom CNC butted for each and every frame size. Designed as a bike for every rider on any road. Generous clearance for up to 40m tires front and rear, flat-mount disc brakes, front and rear thru-axles, all-road geometry. The Drifter is likely the most versatile, durable, and dependable gravel bike on the planet.


Titanium frame, carbon fork, Chris King headset .... $3699.99                          


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