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Cycles BiKyle Fit Form

The accuracy of your fit depends on the accuracy of your measurements. Call us if you are uncertain of any of the following measuring points.

When finished, simply click the "Submit" button at the bottom of this page


Kyle's 36 years of personal fitting expertise is offered at no additional charge with every BiKyle frame or bike order

Without question, the most important part of every bike purchase is the fit. When you place your BiKyle frame or bike order we recommend you fill out the following information and submit it with your order. To get a custom fit, select "BiKyle" as your size during the ordering process. Kyle will personally calculate your most efficient body positioning then match it to your optimum frame dimensions before finalizing the order with you. Full bikes also include precise crank length, handlebar sizing, stem length, front drop, and saddle positioning in all 3 planes to properly complete your new dream machine.

As you place your frame or bike order, select "BiKyle" as your size; this lets us know you want Kyle's custom fit with your order

BiKyle Order Number:     (this number is printed on your order receipt)

To proceed, we must have both your Fit Form AND your bike or frame order


  1. Please provide the following contact information so your measurements are matched to your order:
          First Name 
           Last Name 
      Middle Initial 
              E-mail 	  Phone 

bulletLet's get some vital info then proceed to the all-important measurements
             Sex Male Female
           Height (cm preferred, but inches OK)
  Current Weight: lbs   Weight Goal: lbs
You can measure in inches or centimeters, but let us know which you are using:Inches: Centimeters:



Chest:    (just under the armpits, arms at side, breathing naturally)  


Waist:    (thinnest part, breathing naturally)


Hips:   (widest part)


Shoe size:   (American dress shoe)


Hand-Glove size: sm   med    lg    xl


Inseam and Thigh Measurements:


Inseam:   (Do this in stocking feet positioned shoulder width apart. With a friend's help, place tape measure snugly in the crotch then measure down to the ground)


Thigh:      (Similar to inseam, but this time kneel down, then have friend measure to the floor)



Leg Measurement: 

 1. Prepare a piece of sticky label or tape into a small white dot as seen in the picture at the point of the green arrow. Chalk is also good.

 2. Remove shoes

 3. Sit on a low stool or similar object so upper leg is parallel to the ground. Your position should look like the picture on the left

 4. Have a friend carefully visualize the two yellow lines in the picture, or use two yardsticks

        a) the horizontal yellow line runs parallel to the ground from the middle of the kneecap back through the hip

        b) the vertical yellow line runs from the middle of the armpit down through the hip

 5. Stick the small labeling dot onto the pants precisely where the two imaginary lines intersect. See point of green arrow in the picture

 6. With label intact, stand fully erect

 7. While you stand, have a friend carefully measure from the middle of the dot down to the floor

 8. For extra precision, repeat the above steps for the opposite leg



Right leg - dot to ground:    (while standing)


Left leg  -  dot to ground:    (while standing)


Torso Measurement:


1. Return to seated position and maintain a straightened back per the picture

 2. Have friend tuck the tape measure under your arm and firmly snug up into middle of armpit

 3. Friend should measure the distance straight down to the center of the dot

  Torso - armpit to dot:







From armpit down to wrist bone:

 1. On the wrist, find the spot where the wrist bone juts out to the side

 2. Have friend tuck the tape measure under your arm and firmly snug up into middle of armpit

 3. Measure straight down the arm to the wrist bone

 4. For extra precision, repeat the above steps for the opposite leg



Right Arm - armpit to wrist bone:   


Left Arm - armpit to wrist bone:  



Width of Shoulders:

Have your friend measure across your upper chest from the outside of each arm

Shoulder width:     



Pedals: What pedals you will use (Make and Model):  


That's all there is to it! Review your numbers then click SUBMIT at bottom of this page.

Be sure to submit your frame or bike order along with these measurements. 

Kyle will personally do the calculations then promptly contact you with his recommendations.


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