Wash & Care
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Clothing Care ~

Despite durable construction, the user must exercise care when washing as well as putting on high quality cycling garments. 



bullet Every time you wash an item you put stress on textile and seams. We suggest that you hand wash your cycling apparel using a Lycra specific cleanser. Mild soap is the best alternative. Avoid rubbing and putting stress on seams. Line dry away from direct sunlight. 


bulletIf your body has a tendency to perspire a lot, you must water rinse your shorts after each use because bacteria attack fabrics and might lead to premature fabric deterioration. 


bulletExercise caution when taking quality apparel on or off. Never pull on the seams and never pull on the tops or suspenders when putting on shorts. For shorts, pull up the legs, then pull up the chamois, then pull up the top section last.


Correct way to pull on high quality Lycra shorts:

bulletroll the shorts up towards the bottom
bulletpull the shorts on just from the bottom
bulletthen, gently pull the chamois up around the crotch. Grip only on the chamois, don't pull the lycra away from the chamois as this will tear the seams
bulletgently pull the top of the shorts up and into place