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Wheels ~


Premier Factory Wheelsets:





Campagnolo: Hyperon, Shamal, Neutron, Eurus, Zonda, Sirocco, and more


Fulcrum: Carbon Zero, Zero Nite, Racing Zero, Quattro, and more


Lightweight: Meilenstein, Fernweg, Gipfelsturm, and more


Mavic Road: R-Sys, Ksyrium SL, Elite, Equipe, Aksium and more


Mavic Mtn: UST tubeless CrossMax, Enduro, and more


Torelli: Verona SL and more


Vittoria: Qurano, Elusion, Session, and more


Zipp: 454, 808, 404, 303, 202, 101 and more


Road Wheels

Mountain Wheels

Power Tap Wheels

Track Wheels

Tubeless Road Tech*

Tubeless Mtn Tech*



Quick Release skewers ~


Zipp Aero  ~

These are premium skewers, ultra light and strong and really work! CFD-designed lever and knurled nut reduce drag. Solid brass bushings provide smoother, more positive clamping action than plastic bushings. Available with stainless steel shafts at 84 grams per pair or titanium shafts at just 62 grams per pair. The levers and nuts are polished black on the stainless set and titanium gray on the Ti set. Logos are laser-etched. Length of rear is 130mm to fit all road wheels; sorry, it's not long enough for most mountain bike wheels.

Zipp aero titanium, 62 grams per pair .... 79.99 pair     Add to CART

Zipp aero stainless, 84 grams per pair .... 48.99 pair     Add to CART



Torelli ~

Best value in quick release skewers. Machined alloy cam-levers and caps with your choice of cromoly steel or titanium rods. We've tested these high quality skewers for years and confidently report they hold very solidly, unlike so many extralight skewers. However, all titanium skewers can stretch under heavy load and reduce grip so if you are a heavy or especially powerful rider then stick with cromoly.  On cromoly version the rear rod is 135mm to fit mountain bikes. Once mounted, cut off any excess with a hacksaw. Color is black for both versions.


Torelli titanium, 95 grams per pair (not recommended for mountain bikes) .... $54.99 per pair    Add to CART

Torelli cromoly, 115 grams per pair (for road or mountain) .... $21.99 per pair    Add to CART