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Triathlon - Time Trial ~


Are you out there training your heart out on the latest jazzy Tri equipment, but without a fit and the meticulous positioning necessary to build your muscle groups correctly, safely, and efficiently? Well, welcome to the world of triathlon!AG00073_.gif (9093 bytes)

With your limited time schedule, you need maximum development from every second you spend on your bike. To do that, you need a bike that fits you to perfection. Then, you need your body positioned on that bike to 5mm tolerances in every plane. You need a Cycles BiKyle fit!

Sure, we build the hottest tri bikes going - Look, Felt, Quintana Roo, Pinarello. We've been doing custom Tri builds for many of the world's top pros for more than 25 years. But even if your bike isn't from Cycles BiKyle, do yourself a big favor and sign up for a Cycles BiKyle retrofit.


Spend 1 hour with Kyle. We are confident that you'll find it the most beneficial 1 hour of education and training that you'll ever spend. Call right now and set up an appointment for your personal retrofit session with Kyle.    

See our retrofit page for more details. Click here:    BiKyle Retrofits


And, see our attached pages for the finest in proven Tri bikes and equipment. Not the latest gimmicks. Instead, we offer you the real stuff, the stuff that works - the gear and the fit that will make you a much better cyclist, a much better triathlete.