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A stationary trainer is an excellent way to maintain fitness when it's too dark, cold, or wet to train outdoors. Use your own bike so you maintain the positioning to which you are accustomed. Bikes mount quickly and easily and the trainers are compact to transport or store. Our selection includes top quality stationaries for every budget plus 3 sets of rollers. 

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Tacx Flux Smart ~    

Direct drive trainer with wireless "Smart" connection via both Bluetooth and Ant+. Tacx stable frame design with 16 pound flywheel. Max resistance up to 1500 watts for the most intense power workouts. Realistic climbing feel with +- 10% grade .... $899.99




Elite Muin ~         

The Elite Muin replaces slippery tire-to-roller connections while eliminating wheel and tire wear and tear. This revolutionary direct-drive trainer mounts seamlessly to your bikeís drivetrain. By simply removing your rear wheel and slipping the trainer into your dropouts, the Elite Muin replicates the inertia of a rolling bicycle. Plus, it provides progressive resistance of up to 2200 watts to duplicate the feel of actual road riding. Once you experience the real-road feel of direct drive you wonít go back to traditional indoor trainers.

The Muin features a large, 13 pound weighted flywheel that mimics the inertia of a rolling bicycle. The flywheel is contained within a fluid reservoir so it works essentially noise free. The trainer spins freely when the pedals arenít engaged, and delivers progressive resistance similar to real-world conditions. The Muin fits all road bikes and works seamlessly with your mountain bike or winter-specific cross bike. Simply remove the back wheel, attach the rear dropouts to the spindle and go. No more tire slippage and wear, front wheel blocks or unstable platforms.

"Astoundingly quiet ... from listening to it multiple times over two days the only thing I heard was the sounds of the bike's drivetrain and chain going through the cassette/chainring. Without question, by far the quietest trainer I've seen to date. Itís like comparing the roar of a lion (normal trainer) to that of a house cat with duct tape on it (Muin)."  - DC Rainmaker

Stop by our shop to test ride this excellent trainer


Wirelessly transmits both power and speed with optional ANT+ sensor easily mounted on the rear bike stay


        a)readable on any ANT+ computer head such as Garmin 810 or 510


        b)includes iPad app that charts and displays speed, cadence, distance, and power


                    1)requires optional Tacx ANT+ dangle and Apple's USB adapter (see below)


Compatible with 130mm and 135mm road and mountain bike hubs that have a 5mm diameter quick release on the rear wheel


Frame is foldable via a single 5mm hex bolt for easy transport and storage (orks fine without the fixing bolt if you find yourself folding often)


37.4 lbs including 13 pound weighted flywheel


Made in Italy

Elite Muin Trainer ~   $799.99     Add to CART

bulletShimano and Sram drivetrains - correct freehub adapter already installed
bulletCampagnolo drivetrains - additional freehub adapter required .... $89.99   Add to CART
bulletCassettes - Though you can use the rear cassette off your current wheel, for convenience Cycles BiKyle recommends purchasing a similar cassette for your new trainer.  12-25 cassettes are available for Shimano, Campagnolo, and Sram drivetrains as you place your order. For Campagnolo cassettes be sure to add the freehub adapter (above); Campy cassettes will not work without it. 


Tacx Moto Brake ~

Tacx Moto Brake trainers feature a software controlled electronic brake that can be set in advance to simulate flat or uphill terrain (-5 to +205% grades). Down-the-road, these trainers can be upgraded to advanced virtual reality trainers that connect to a PC and automatically vary terrain conditions via Tacx Trainer 4 software.

Bushido ~   

The Bushido features Tacx's most advanced electric motor brake for maintenance-free and extremely quiet resistance. The resistance, wirelessly controlled by the included graphical computer head, shows all the necessary training information including speed, power output, heart rate, cadence, and time. Up to 99 different Catalyst training programs for -5 to +20% slope, power, or heart rate can be set in advance. For extra entertainment, the Bushido can be upgraded to a complete Virtual Reality trainer with upgrade T1990 kit that includes Tacx Software 4 Advanced software. Maximum resistance is 1400 watts. Comes with Skyliner front wheel support .... $1299.99   $899.99    Add to CART


Free iPad software Upgrade ~

Tacx has a free software application developed for the Apple iPad that greatly expands the function and fun of Tacx Bushido, i-Vertex, and i-Genius trainers. This Tacx Cycling App contains a simplified version of the Catalyst training software and training Analyzer, plus a video applet so you can view Tacx Real Life videos right on your iPad. This is a must-have for owners of these advanced trainers. Available free from Apple iTunes Store.


iPad Handlebar Mount ~

This handlebar bracket is designed for mounting a tablet on the handlebar. Suitable for handlebars with diameter 26 to 35mm and adjustable for various image sizes. The design maintains a safe distance from rider to make sure sweat doesnít drip on the tablet display while training .... $44.99


ANT+ Dongle ~

Apple's iPad does not read ANT+ transmission. But, there is a simple USB plug-in that takes care of this .... $48.99    Add to CART

Unfortunately, iPads do not have a USB port. However, every Apple Store has that additional adapter available and it's a very handy upgrade with lots of other USB uses.


Tacx Electro ~

Tacx Electro trainers are high quality indoor trainers that create resistance via a 2kg flywheel with electronically controlled magnets surrounding a rotating aluminum disc. Electronic eddy currents produce opposing magnetic fields that provide noise-free resistance via a non-contact, maintenance-free brake. The resistance of this advanced electro brake can be preset to simulate flat or uphill road terrain. Comes with Skyliner front wheel support ....

i-Vortex ~   

The i-Vertex is a wireless version of the i-Flow. The computer head is wirelessly connected to the rear electro magnetic resistance unit. Additionally, max resistance is increased to 950 watts. Comes with Skyliner front wheel support .... $849.99    Add to CART



i-Flow ~    

The i-Flow is like a Flow (below) but also includes Tacx Trainer Software 4 Basic software to automatically change resistance to simulate changing road conditions - flat to climbing. Realistically feel rolling, air, and incline resistances change while you ride. Maximum resistance is 800 watts. Comes with Skyliner front wheel support .... $649.99    Add to CART



Flow ~    

One of Tacx's most popular trainers, this entry-level ergo trainer is built around an extra-solid frame that actually rebounds slightly while you ride. Very easy to setup, the Flow measures speed, power output, and cadence plus heart rate (with addition of ANT+ compatible chest belt) via the included handlebar mounted computer head. While training, you can adapt the program for power or slope resistance from -4 to +9. The electro brake is conveniently controlled through the handlebar computer. Comes with Skyliner front wheel support. Down-the-road, the Flow can be upgraded to a true Virtual Reality trainer for adventure and entertainment via a special upgrade kit (T-1925). Upgrade kit includes Tacx Trainer 4 Basic software for PC computer control. Maximum resistance is 800 watts .... $589.99    Add to CART


Tacx Magnetic ~

Tacx Magnetic trainers are basic, but high quality indoor trainers that create resistance via a 2kg flywheel and two magnetic discs with 8 permanent magnets on each.


Tacx Twist ~  

Suitable for riders of every level, whether you cycle a lot or little

New for 2013, the Tacx Twist features the same stable frame and powerful magnetic brake as the Blue Matic (above). It doesn't include the handlebar-mounted resistance lever, but power levels can be still changed. On the Twist, resistance is set via a 7-position button on the magnetic brake itself. This requires a dismount so it's not as convenient as the Blue Matic. But for someone searching for the finest main features at the best possible price, the Twist is an exceptional find. Maximum resistance is 700 watts .... $179.99    Add to CART


Kirk Wind ~

Kirk Kinetic Cyclone ~     Sale - 10% off now!

Very stable and dependable indoor trainer where noise level is not an issue

A very durable and stable indoor trainer. Dual fan design offers truer road-like resistance and lasting durability. The only wind resistance trainer that provides coast-down simulation, speed-sensitive resistance, and a precision machined roller to reduce tire wear. Itís the ideal choice for the casual rider looking for a high quality indoor wind trainer at an accessible price .... $239.99    Add to CART    


Kirk Power Meters ~    Sale - 10% off now!

The Kinetic Wireless Power Computer is designed to give you accurate power (watt) readings when you are using a Kinetic Trainer. All other functions (speed, distance, cadence, calorie burn, altimeter, etc) are accurate both on and off the trainer. Because of this, the Kinetic Power Computer is an excellent choice for a cycling computer both on and off the trainer.

The watts reading is calibrated based on a mathematical relationship between power and speed. This Kinetic Power Formula along with our proprietary software accurately estimates the cumulative effect of 16 different interactive forces. This power curve is based on the "average " rider on the "outdoor ride" using the following cubic function: P = (5.244820) * S + (0.01968) * S3. S=speed in miles per hour, P=power in Watts


Kirk Wireless Power Meter and heart monitor ~   In stock now!

In the box: Computer, Stem/Handlebar Mount, wireless Speed Transmitter w/magnet, wired Cadence Transmitter w/Magnet, Battery, wireless Chest Strap to monitor heart rate, Cable Ties...... $149.99    Add to CART  


Kirk Wired Power Meter ~   In stock now!

In the box: Computer, Stem/Handlebar Mount, wired Speed Transmitter w/magnet, wired Cadence Transmitter w/Magnet, Battery, Cable Ties.... $69.99     Add to CART



Trainer Accessories ~

Elite Susta front wheel riser ~

Deluxe accessory for any stationary trainer regardless of wheel size

The Elite ElastoGel front wheel riser is a nearly essential accessory for every home trainer. With its adjustable height, the SuSta creates a level training position for any sized wheel by raising the front wheel in line with the rear. And, it clips onto the handle of most trainers for simple storage. Includes an ElastoGel insert to reduce vibration and increase stability ... $38.99    Add to CART


TacxFtRiser.jpg (28311 bytes)Tacx Skyliner ~  

An excellent accessory for road wheels on any stationary trainer

A high quality riser to go under your front wheel and level off your 700c or 650c road bike while on your indoor trainer. Keeps you from thinking that you are riding downhill all the time! Durable metal construction with plastic protective feet. Fits all tire sizes .... $29.99    Add to CART


Tacx Sweat Cover ~

Easily protect your valuable frameset and particularly the headset from the damaging effects of perspiration. Color is blue with red trim .... $24.99    Add to CART




Tacx Floor Mat ~

Protects floor from sweat while dampening vibration noise. Made of anti-slip sound-absorbing compound that your neighbors will appreciate. Suitable for all of the above trainers .... $79.99    Add to CART



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