Paint Colors
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Non-Metallic Metallic BiKyle Decals


Paint Colors -Torelli & Mondonico  ~


Torelli and Mondonico keep a healthy number of blank frames in stock. These frames are handmade in Italy but sent to the U.S. with just a protective coating, no paint. You select your favorite color from the chart and additional colors below. We send the blank frame to our California paint shop and have it done up in rich Dupont Imron.

You also get to choose the color of your decals (white, black, or yellow). Paint and decals are all sealed under a glossy clear coat.




 Great bikes, great finish!


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New colors:

Belgium Blue ~





Copper Penny Metallic ~





Cherry Metallic ~


(pictured with optional contrasting head tube)




Custom Color ~

Mondonico Orange ~

This is a custom color created for professional rider Jeff Rutter and our BiKyle pro team. It's a cross between flame orange and Molteni plus it adds a very nice metal-flake luster that is difficult to see in the picture, but really jumps in sunlight .... add $60



Multi colors available on request ~

Want something extra special? We can match most anything you can draw up - special panels, fades, contrasting tubes, etc.

Email us a picture of your design and we will get you a prompt quote.

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bulletred = bright red with just a pinch of orange in the tint (as in Ferrari red!)
bulletblue = a medium blue with a light metallic flake
bulletflame orange = a medium-dark orange, no metal flake
bulletMolteni orange = a medium-light orange ala Eddy Merckx team, no metal flake
bulletgreen = dark metallic green, almost black in many lights
bulletburgundy = a rich, dark and deep red like fine Cote d'Or wine
bulletyellow = sunlight yellow
bulletchampagne = light gold with light metal flake, very rich looking
bulletpurple = a medium-dark purple much like Easter purple
bulletsilver = medium silver with noticeable metal flake
bulletblack = midnight black with light metallic flake
bulletBelgium blue = classic Euro blue, a little darker and richer than sky blue
bulletCopper penny = bronze colored metallic
bulletCherry red = a deep red with a pinch of purple and a light metal flake
bulletMondonico orange = a custom color in medium light orange with light metal flake, add $60


Decal colors = your choice of black, white, red, or yellow

    a)see bottom of this page for additional customizing options: Torelli Options


Want something even more personal? An additional 260 custom Imron colors are also available, add $60 per color:

Custom metallic colors

Custom non-metallic Imron colors