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Specialty Bicycle Tools ~



Park PCS-9 Home Workstand ~

Though aimed primarily at the home mechanic, we've used this stand extensively on-the-road with numerous pro teams. It's stable and secure. And the clamping system is safe for all tube materials including steel, carbon fiber, and aluminum. The newly designed jaws fit multi-shaped tubes as easily as round - from 7/8" to 3". The clamp rotates 3600 for easy access to all parts of the bike. Base opens to a triangle of 36" x 36" x 45", yet folds to just 41" for easy transport and storage. Weight is 20.2 pounds. Maximum weight holding capacity is 100 pounds when weight is centered over the legs. Color is blue .... $144.99    Add to CART



EVO E-Tech HRS-1 Home Workstand ~

Sturdy tripod home workstand of tubular steel, heavy duty for long  term durability. Folds for compact storage or travel. Height is adjustable from 36" to 76". Features V-box clamping jaws with quick dial closure. Detachable tool tray organizer included .... $114.99    Add to CART





Topeak Ratchet Rocket tool kit ~

Extremely handy mini kit that we use regularly in the shop. Features a small reversing ratchet with 9 hardened steel bits that slide into either end of the ratchet:


Hex heads: 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm


Phillips head


T25 and T10 Torx for chainring bolts and hydraulic brake parts

Total weight with case and all tools is 110 grams. Weight of ratchet with both the 5 and 6mm hex heads installed is just 38 grams! As the 5 and 6mm hex heads handle most on-bike adjustments, many riders choose to carry just this 3 piece system. For max convenience around your workbench, the nylon pouch includes a Velcro loop to attach to your belt. Pouch closes with Velcro .... $24.99 complete    Add to CART


EVO Torque Set ~

Finally, a torque set suitably priced for the home mechanic. Includes a 5Nm fixed torque setting wrench with 3, 4, and 5mm hex heads plus s T-15 Torx head suitable for practically all handlebar, stem, and seatpost torque settings .... $24.99    Add to CART




XLC 33-piece Tool Set ~

The XLC tool set is a high quality collection of contemporary bike tools at a price suitable for every home mechanic. Conveniently boxed in its own portable case, this set features the tools most often needed for overhauls, tune ups, and on-the-road repairs. Combine this set with an EVO workstand (above) and you'll have the basics nicely covered, and at a price that can't be beat. Pop the case in your car before races or organized centuries and you'll be the star of the show!

Included: Bit holder with 1 and 2mm Phillips heads, 15 and 20mm Torx heads, 5 and 7 mm flat heads plus 1/4" drive wrench with 8, 9 and 10mm sockets, large dual ended L wrench, 3 nylon tire levers, patch kit, cotterless crank remover, heavy duty chain rivet tool, hex set with 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10mm keys, Shimano/Sram cassette remover, 15mm pedal and cassette wrench, 24mm headset wrench, 13, 14, 15 and 16mm cone wrenches, 8 and 10mm open end wrench, Shimano/Sram splined bottom bracket tool, multi-sized spoke wrench, Shimano crank dustcap remover, FSA bottom bracket cup spanner, chain whip .... $89.99    Add to CART   



Mini Tool Sets ~

*Note - all of our mini tools include a 2.5mm Torx T25 "star" wrench. This is an essential tool for most current bikes, road and mountain.


Bianchi Mini-6 Tool ~   

Our most popular tool is now cooler than ever! Body is extra strong heat treated steel and tools are forged aluminum for solid torque. The mini-6 is just over 2" long yet contains the 6 most needed on-the-road tools: hex wrenches in 2,4,5 and 6mm plus Phillips head screwdriver, and 2.5mm Torx wrench. This is a cool tool to keep in your saddle bag with another in your glove compartment. Color is black. Closed length is just 5.5cm (2.3"), 80 grams .... $21.99    Add to CART   


Park I-Beam 12 ~   Choose either this tool set or the Bianchi Carbon for high quality road bikes

IB-12 - Slimmer, trimmer, and lighter sibling of the I-Beam 2. Contains 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm hex plus T25 Torx wrenches integrated onto an I-Beam holder for added leverage and secure use. Just 80 grams .... $26.99    Add to CART


Park I-Beam 2 ~    Excellent selection for casual bikes

IB-2 includes 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm hex plus T25 Torx all integrated into I-Beam holder for added leverage and secure use. 118 grams .... $15.99   Add to CART



Park I-Beam 3 ~    Best mini selection for mountain and cyclocross bikes

IB-3: 13 function mini tool includes  1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex wrenches plus T25 star driver, flat screwdriver, composite tire lever, 2 spoke wrenches, and 10-speed compatible chain tool. Integrated into I-Beam holder for added leverage and secure use. 186 grams .... $24.99    Add to CART



Track Tools ~

3wrencho Track Buddy ~

Necessary for every single speed bike with 15mm axle nuts. Features a strong tire lever on 1 end and a 15mm hex head wrench on the other. Made of heat treated steel so it's strong enough to step on when loosening stubborn nuts. Plastic coated so it's gentle on rims. 4.5" long, 112 grams, black .... $21.99


Tire Levers ~

Pedros ~

Our favorite standard tire levers, these babies are strong! You don't want a tool that snaps in half as you start to use it. That won't happen with these Nylon levers from Pedros. And they come with a lifetime guarantee. Packaged per pair, the levers solidly snap together for convenience. 4.5" long, 42 grams per pair, yellow .... $2.99   


Topeak Shuttle Lever 1.2 ~

Extra strong 6" lever  of high strength matrix polymer and engineering grade reinforced plastic for years of hard use. Extra thin bead end so it's easy to slip under the tightest tires. 58 grams, .... $9.99


QuikStik ~

Single 6" lever with considerably greater leverage that makes stubborn tires pop off with ease. 38 grams, yellow .... $4.99

bullet    press down on side of tire to separate tire bead from rim
bullet    insert QuikStix under tire bead
bullet    angle QuikStix down towards spokes then slide 360 degrees around the rim. Tire bead will now be free and outside the wheel.


Chain Tools ~

Park CT-5 compact chain tool ~

Park's shop quality chain tool in a compact size for home use and easy transport. Works on all 5 to 10 speed chains .... $16.99    Add to CART



Park CT-6.2 folding chain tool ~     

Park's newest chain tool is rugged enough for home shop use but folds compactly for very convenient transport. We recommend packing one off-road to combat all the chain breaking debris you'll frequently encounter. Though we don't find a chain tool a necessity for on-road riding, we suggest storing one in your glove compartment. At one time or another, you'll be glad you did. The CT-6.2 includes a cast steel body and stainless steel case with a replaceable driving pin (#985-1C).  The fold-out handle provides solid leverage to easily drive rivets in and out. Works on all 5 to 10-speed derailleur chains (sorry, will not work on 11-speed chains) .... $23.99    Add to CART


Cassette Tools ~

Tip: Always use a quick release skewer or axle nut to hold cassette tool in place and snug to cogs when loosening.

Shimano/SRAM Cassette and Disc Brake Remover ~

Also fits SunRace®, SunTour®, Chris King® and other cassette lockrings.

Made of highest quality heat treated tool steel by Park Tool company, this tool is necessary for installation and removal of all current Shimano cassettes. The FR-5 has 12 splines approximately 23.4mm across. Same tool is needed to install and remove Shimano Center-Lock disc brake rotors. The 1" base fits hand wrench or bench vise. Thin wall construction allows use without removal of cones and locknuts. Park #FR-5c .... $6.99    Add to CART


Campagnolo Cassette & Bottom Bracket Remover ~

Made of highest quality heat treated tool steel by Park Tool company, this tool is necessary for removal of all Campagnolo cassettes. And, it is needed to install and remove Campagnolo Super Record, Record, Chorus, Athena, and Centaur bottom brackets. The outside diameter of the FR-11 is 22.8mm and has 12 splines. The 1" base fits hand wrench or bench vise. Thin wall construction allows use without removal of cones and locknuts. Park #FR-11 .... $9.99    Add to CART   


Park HCW-16 Chain Whip and pedal wrench ~

You need one to remove a cassette

Rear cogs 'freewheel'. To remove a rear cassette you need a lockring tool (above) plus this chain whip. Otherwise, the freewheel simply spins as you try to remove the lockring. This high quality Park chain whip fits 8, 9, 10, and 11 speed cassettes. And, it conveniently includes a 15mm pedal wrench on the opposite end. Made of high quality steel for a lifetime of use. Length of wrench, excluding chain is 10 3/4" .... $22.99    Add to CART


Crank and Bottom Bracket Tools ~

BBB Bracket Grip Bottom Bracket Tool ~

Compatible with all external bottom bracket cups including Shimano, Campagnolo, TruVativ, Sram, and FSA. Includes locking ring for security and a Kraton grip for a firm hold.

Qty:            BBB Bracket Grip external cup tool                $24.99

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 Campagnolo Bottom Bracket Tool - Veloce & Centaur ~

Necessary for installing and removing the star-shaped bottom brackets of Centaur and Veloce groups (picture on far right). The handle is vinyl coated for comfort.

Qty:     Park bottom bracket tool - 6 indents            $8.99

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Park Bottom Bracket Remover - ISIS and Shimano ~

This is the tool needed to remove 20 tooth splined bottom brackets. Fits both Shimano splines and ISIS splines. Even fits oversized "pipe billet" spindles. Simply insert the tool into the splined bottom bracket cup and either tighten or loosen with a 3/8" socket wrench or a 32mm open end wrench.

Qty:   Park cassette lockring remover                           $6.99

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Pedal Wrenches ~

Park PW-5 pedal wrench ~

Some newer pedals are removed by hex wrenches directly into the axle. But most are installed and removed with a trusty 15mm pedal wrench like this. It's thin enough to fit into the narrow space yet it's 11.5" length provides the leverage needed to release all but the most ornery of pedals. Convenient for traveling too .... $12.99    Add to CART

Tip: Remember this cue: "REAR-RELEASE". The non-drive side pedal on all bikes is reverse (left-hand) thread.  To release a pedal, left or right side, torque the handle towards the rear of the bike.


Park HT pedal wrench, 6mm or 8mm ~

Very useful hex wrench for many bike adjustments but particularly well suited for installation and removable of pedal sets like current Look Keos that require a solid hex wrench with plenty of leverage. The dual density nylon handle provides a secure grip. In stock in both 6mm and 8mm* .... $8.99    Add to CART

*Current Look Keo Blade pedals (cromo and Ti) require 6mm wrench. All other current Keo models (Easy, Easy Plus, Max2, Max2 Carbon) require 8mm. Older Look pedals used 6mm or 8mm so check your exact pair.


Spoke Wrenches ~

Park SW-7c Multi Spoke Wrench ~

Park is a premium tool maker, all their tools are suitable for long term professional use. The SW-7c spoke wrench is precisely cut to snugly fit 0.127 (DT and Wheelsmith 15 gauge), 0.130 (DT and Wheelsmith 14 gauge), and 0.136 (Japanese) nipples .... $9.99    Add to CART


Hub Tools ~

Bicycle Research Cone Wrench ~

This single 6" long wrench fits all popular hub cones: 13, 14, 15, and 16 mm. Buy two and you should be set for any occasion.

Qty:       BR multi cone wrench                  $9.99

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