Power Tap
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Power Tap ~

Power Tap is a state-of-the-art training system that allows you to measure in real time the intensity of the work you are doing on the bike. Unlike heart rate, the measurement of power is not effected by environmental or biological factors like heat, humidity, fatigue, stress, dehydration, altitude or illness. Power (measured in watts) is the purest measure of the work you are doing and therefore is the most accurate method of regulating intensity every time you train or compete.

The Power Tap system consists of three components: the Power Tap hub, receiver, and Power Pack computer CPU.

The Power Tap hub senses torque inside the hub at a rate of 60 times per second. Torque and wheel speed are used to calculate instantaneous power. The torque sensor data is transmitted via a wireless connection to the seatstay mounted receiver. The hub is completely serviceable without disturbing the torque sensing strain gauges and associated electronics under the plastic cover.

The Power Tap receiver mounts to the seat stay and receives torque data every second via a digital wireless signal. The torque data is continuously sent to the handlebar mounted CPU via a 4-conductor wire. The mounting shoe, which is securely clamped to the handlebar, accepts the Power-Tap computer in a slide-in snap fit. The receiver features tough wire sheathing and ultrasonic welded plastic housings to shield it from the elements.

Saris Joule 2.0 Computer ~

The Joule 2.0 provides an intuitive and customizable dashboard for managing all functions. At any moment power, heart rate, cadence, speed, time, and other basic data can be seen. Outdoor specific, indoor compatible for optimum versatility. Customizable dashboard categories allow easy access to 18 different metrics while riding. Detailed reports provide on-the-fly analysis with historical comparisons. Onboard memory stores 20 hours of riding and a full year's historical summary. ANT+ wireless technology provides compatibility with all ANT+ enabled power meters. PowerAgent compatible for set up, workouts, courses and data sync. Includes handlebar mount and wireless cadence. Also available with wireless heart rate strap (add $50) .... $449.99    Add to CART


Saris Power Pack Computer ~

The Power Pack computer can store up to 9 discrete non-overlapping intervals. At any time after you've recorded an interval, you can review all of the average and maximum values (power, heart rate, speed, and cadence) as well as the accumulated values (distance, time, and energy expenditure). It stores up to 7+ hours of ride data for subsequent downloading to a PC. The user interface is logically planned and is surprisingly easy to use considering the amount of embedded features. The computer housings are ultrasonically welded together and the O-ring on the battery door and the hermetically sealed interface buttons make it very water resistant. Includes mounting bracket ..... $209.99    Add to CART


Power Tap SLC+ wheel ~

For ultimate race performance, the SL+ wheel is now available with ceramic bearings. 1100 grams .... $1899.99


Power Tap SL+ Wheel  ~

The PowerTap SL+ uses 2.4 GHz wireless transmission to record up to 15 hours of power, heart rate, cadence, speed, energy, distance, ride time, and odometer data. The wheel is handbuilt with DT RR 1.1 black 415 gram rim and DT double butted 1.8/2.0 stainless spokes, 32h. The SL+ hub features carbon-alloy hub shell and lightweight aluminum axle. Total weight of wheel is 1100 grams.

Ant+ transmission allows the use of any ANT+ compatible computer head. See below for Power Tap's excellent computer head.

Cassette body: Select Shimano 9 and 10 speed or Campagnolo for 9, 10, and 11 speed.

Qty:   Power Tap SL+ wireless rear wheel         $1499.99

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Power Tap Pro+ Wheel ~

Same wireless setup as the SL+ but with alloy hub, no carbon. Weight is 1130 grams.  $1099.99

Ant+ transmission allows the use of any ANT+ compatible computer head. See below for Power Tap's excellent computer head.


Power Tap Elite+ Wheel ~

Same wireless setup as the Pro+ but with 12mm steel axle instead of alloy. Weight is 1368 grams.  $999.99

Ant+ transmission allows the use of any ANT+ compatible computer head. See below for Power Tap's excellent computer head.