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Power Meters ~

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iBike Newton ~

iBike Newton is more than just “the next generation of cycling power meter technology”. 

It’s a complete redesign of power measurement reflecting the input and “wish list” features of thousands of cyclists world-wide.  And true to iBike technology, there’s no need to own an extra set of wheels or cranks. It simply delivers the best in accuracy, and simplicity at an affordable price.

Delivers Power Readings Virtually Indistinguishable from Direct Force Power Meters

On October 2, 2012, iBike introduced the powerful iBike OS2 operating system. The iBike Newton with OS2 delivers significantly improved accuracy, consistency and smoothness, so much so that Newton performance is virtually indistinguishable from direct force power meters in every way except price.

Processing 50% Faster Processing ~
OS2’s Physics Engine has been completely re-coded to take full advantage of the responsiveness and resolution of these sensors to reduce data processing time. With OS2 data is processed 50% faster, sensor resolution is greater, and signal flow through the code is faster.

Fast Twitch Response ~ 
With OS2’s incredible “Fast Twitch” response, the iBike Newton also excels in short intervals. This is great news for sprinters and others who are particularly concerned about power meter response for short intervals of 30 seconds or less.

The Data Says It All ~
Second-by-second, the Newton’s accuracy and consistency is excellent. In a series of 50 second intervals, the average watts during the intervals measured by the Newton (white) vs DFPM (green) agree within the +/- accuracy limits of the two power meters, and both power meters responded nearly identically to second-to-second fluctuations!


Isaac Software ~

Isaac, the brains behind the Newton, allows you to manage your calibration, adjust your data, and view your results all from Mac or PC. The built-in mini USB port serves as the computer connection and as the recharge port for the internal rechargeable battery so downloading your ride file is a snap!


"I have used a PowerTap (borrowed a friends) and just bought the iBike Newton. Newton is awesome, can't tell the difference in power readings from what I saw with the PowerTap on practically any section of rides I've done. Haven't raced with the Newton yet but have gone on group rides and I have to say I'm extremely happy with the Newton!" Retro James, 10/8/12


iBike Newton - includes computer head, download for Isaac software, USB connector, speed/cadence sensor, dual purpose bicycle mount, installation instructions, and 1-year limited warranty. Color is black ..... $499.99



Ergomo Second Bottom Bracket ~

If you would like to transfer your Ergomo to a 2nd bike that uses a different crank, such as your track bike, you'll need an additional bottom bracket sensor unit. As you order, in the "Special Instructions" field tell us the make and model of your 2nd frame and crankset.

Qty:      Ergomo 2nd bottom bracket                    $949.99

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