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When done right, a high quality bicycle is much like a nice suit or evening dress. You sure hope it's right because any shortcomings will only be discovered when it's too late. Just like a fine piece of clothing, a superior bike requires superior materials and assembling. And just like a high quality garment, a really good bike requires an exceptional fit. Yes, any tailor can take a few standard body measurements and come up with something. But a world class tailor knows exactly which measurements are required. And, that tailor knows precisely what to do with those numbers once he has them.

Kyle, our tailor, is a world renowned bike fitter. By all accounts, Kyle has polished his craft to a genuine art form. As you can imagine, a true artist improves with every project. When he fits a bike, Kyle draws on a personal experience of more than 10,000 fits! And at Cycles BiKyle we don't hand you over to a budding 'expert' trained by Kyle. Every BiKyle bike is personally fit by the master himself.

Whether your bike budget is $1,000 or $20,000, Kyle's fit and expertise will guide you to the best bike you can buy, a bicycle you will grow to appreciate more with every pedal stroke, every ride, each passing year.

To take advantage of Kyle's unequalled expertise schedule your personal fit today. Even if you live halfway around the world, Kyle's fit is available to you. Just email for us the simple steps you can take to achieve the maximum riding pleasure and comfort on your dream bike. Our BiKyle fit master is here and waiting.


Call today to schedule a personal fit by Kyle: (610) 525-8442

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