Buyer Protection
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  Mavic Wheels, 2009 ~


For your security, Mavic offers a unique Buyer Protection Plan for new Mavic wheels and Mavic helmets ~

With the MP3 ‘crash replacement’ program your Mavic product is covered for any accident, fall, or damage for 2 years!

Procedure - When you purchase your new Mavic wheels or helmet at Cycles BiKyle, select the MP3 option. We will include a filled out MP3 Registration Card with your order. Within 3 days of arrival of your order log onto Mavic's MP3 website and register your new purchase. If a crash damage repair is needed for your wheels or helmet return the item to an authorized Mavic retailer along with your original purchase receipt and a copy of your MP3 registration (received by post). Your protected item will returned to Mavic for repair or replacement at no cost to you! You will be notified as soon as your wheel or helmet is ready for collection so you can ride again with complete confidence.  

Pricing - Mavic Buyer Protection Plans


Sample copy (to be filled out by Cycles BiKyle at time of wheel or helmet purchase):