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Headsets ~

Proper headset installation requires specialized tools plus the expertise of a highly skilled mechanic. Don't trust headset installations to just anyone, leave it to the pros at Cycles BiKyle. 

Getting a new frame from Cycles BiKyle? We will advise you of just the right size and type of headset you will need. And if purchased along with the frame, there will be no charge for installation. All machining, cutting, and pressing will be done with top quality Campagnolo, Var, and BR tools by mechanics who have done this precision work hundreds and hundreds of times. Don't trust headset installations to just anyone, leave it to the pros at Cycles BiKyle. 



Campagnolo Internal (Hidden) headsets ~

Internal headsets sit inside the headtube of the frameset. The frame tubing is bulged during construction so the main parts of the headset recess into the actual frame. You can see some of the headset above the headtube but almost nothing below the headtube. Campagnolo calls their internal headsets "Hiddensets". All Campagnolo Hiddensets are 1 1/8" in diameter.  

Though there are many sizes and fits of headsets offered, Campagnolo makes just three levels: Centaur, Chorus,  and Record. All are precision ground to .001 millimeter for incredibly smooth performance. Record and Chorus include Selform under the races for absorbing large impacts without damage. Record and Chorus Hiddensets are the same except Record uses a carbon fixing cap with a light alloy bolt to drop 9 grams in weight. 

bulletRecord = 73 grams
bulletChorus = 82 grams
bulletCentaur = 56 grams

Tech note: Frames are machined to take a specific type of internal headset. If your frame was manufactured to take Campagnolo-spec then these headsets will work, of course. However, if your frame was machined to take a Cane Creek, FSA, or other spec then you cannot put a Campagnolo headset in there. Sorry, it won't fit. To check, see what brand is currently in the frame or check with the frame manufacturer.

Qty: Campagnolo Hidden Headset               $84.99

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Campagnolo External Headsets ~

External headsets sit outside the headtube of the frameset. You can clearly see the headset parts both above AND BELOW the frame tubing.

All Campagnolo headsets are precision ground to .001 millimeter for incredibly smooth performance. Record and Chorus include Selform under the races for absorbing large impacts without damage. Record headsets, other than Hiddensets, add grease injector ports on the lower cup for greater ease in maintenance. 

bulletModel A = Chorus 1" AHD = 117 grams
bulletModel B = Record 1" AHD =  107 grams
bulletModel C = Record 1 1/8" AHD =  111 grams
bulletModel D = Record 1" THD = 104 grams

Tech note: Headsets are designed specifically to fit either traditional threaded forks (THD) or contemporary threadless forks (AHD). For threadless systems Campagnolo makes both Record and Chorus models in 1" diameter plus the Record model in the current standard of 1 1/8". And, they make the traditional threaded headset in the Record model, 1" THD.

If your bike has a older style threaded headset you can change to a more current threadless system. But, you will also have to change the fork and the stem to threadless models at the same time.

Qty:   Model: Campagnolo External Headset             $99.99

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Chris King ~       10 year warranty!

This is the most legendary headset on the planet, equally awesome for road or mountain bikes. Each Chris King headset is manufactured from materials and components hand picked and evaluated precisely for use in King headsets. Even the sealed cartridge bearings are manufactured in-house, a practice unheard of elsewhere in the industry. We stock King's newest "Sotto Voce" logo which is color matched for less prominence than earlier models .... $149.99    Add to CART

bullet1" threaded (THD) weighs 93 grams
bullet1 1/8" threaded (THD) weighs 109 grams
bullet1" threadless (AHD) weighs 84 grams
bullet1 1/8" threadless (AHD) weighs 98 grams
bullet1 1/8" - 1/4" threadless (AHD) weights 101 grams
bullet1 1/8" - 1.5" threadless (AHD) weighs 103 grams
bulletAdditional colors available on special order: navy blue, red, mango, turquoise, matte slate, matte jet black, matte emerald green (limited time frames on some colors) = add $10.00 each
bulletEvery Chris King headset is warranted for 10 years* against manufacturing defects
bulletIn our experience, no rider has ever needed to take Chris King up on their 10 year warranty. To us, this speaks volumes!


*Chris King's Limited Warranty covers the original purchaser against manufacturing defects. It does not cover damage or failure resulting from misuse, abuse, alteration, neglect, normal and reasonable wear and tear, crash or impact, accidents, failure to perform routine maintenance, improper installation, or use other than that for which the product was intended.  This Limited Warranty does not cover any product where the serial number has been altered or removed.

WARRANTY CLAIMS:  In order to make a warranty claim, the Product alone (i.e., not including any other equipment such as cassettes, skewers, steering tubes, etc.) together with a copy of the original receipt showing the date of purchase. Product must be returned to and received by King Cycle at the address set forth below, postage prepaid, within the applicable Limited Warranty period.

Chris King Precision Components  
2801 NW Nela Street, Portland, OR 97210 USA



Cane Creek 100-110 ~

1 1/8" external threadless. Equally well suited for road and mountain bikes.

The Cane Creek 100 is an excellent value in a pro-quality headset. We've used them extensively and riders couldn't be happier. The 100 is essentially the same headset as the highly regarded and considerably more expensive Cane Creek 110 except this one uses drop-in steel cartridge bearings rather than the stainless bearings on the 110 so the 100 is more easily serviced as well as more tolerant of small frame alignment discrepancies. As along as you don't leave your frame submerged in salt water for more than 2 days you shouldn't see a difference. If you wish, you can replace the bearings with the stainless variety sometime in the future. The 100 uses the same split-lip seals as the 110. Yes, the 110 has some more exotic etching on the logos and more deluxe anodizing but if you are interested in the artistic impact then we recommend the Chris King. Made of AL-6066 alloy, 35% stronger than industry standard AL-6061. Stack height is 28.7mm, weight is 98 grams. Stocked in both black and silver.

"The 100 is by far the best quality, completely practical headset you can buy. It has everything you need, and nothing you donít." Mountain.Bike

Qty: Cane Creek 100 headset, 1 1/8 AHD             $94.99

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Cane Creek S-3 ~

No, it's not as smooth as Campy or as long lasting as Chris King, but the S-3 is a proven headset you can depend on for miles of trouble free performance. Includes 2 sealed cartridge bearings in an aluminum shell. Fits all 1 1/8" threadless frames that use traditionally mounted headsets rather than internal sets. Available in black or silver. Weight is 112 grams.

Qty: Cane Creek S-3 threadless 1 1/8 headset             $59.99

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Dia Compe SAS Aheadset ~

Surprisingly good quality for such a budget price. Features 5/32" ball bearings in an aluminum shell. Fits all 1 1/8" threadless frames that use traditionally mounted headsets rather than internal sets. Available in black only. Weight is 115 grams.

Qty:   Aheadset 1 1/8 threadless headset, black                 $34.99

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Pinarello Internal Bearings ~    In stock now!

Pinarello uses proprietary internal bearings for all their current frames. We stock the three sizes of sealed precision cartridge bearings you'll need to return your headset to its original smoothness. These bearings work for all internal Pinarello headsets. All upper bearings for these headsets are 1 1/8". Non-tapered headtubes use the same sized 1 1/8" bearing on the bottom. Tapered headsets require either a single 1 1/4" or 1.5" bearing on bottom in addition to the 1 1/8" bearing on top. Bearings are precision ground steel balls sealed in circular cartridge for easy installation .... $29.99 each     Add to CART


Most common Pinarello bearing sizes by year:

2012+ 1 1/8" top with 1.5" bottom
2010-2011 1 1/8" top with 1 1/4" bottom
2009- 1 1/8" top and bottom


*If you are not certain of your size then email us model and year and we will update you asap: sales@bikyle.com