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Winter Sizing



Giordana Cycling Clothing


Handmade in Italy

Giordana technical bicycle clothing was started by Giorgio Andretta more than 30 years ago. From the beginning, Giordana worked closely with the top American teams and events of the day. The list of partnerships included Scott-BiKyle, Levi's/Raleigh, Levi's/Pinarello, Bud Light, Dia-Compe/Aspen Velo, the US PRO Championships and numerous others. Their involvement with elite athletes provided invaluable feedback to insure Giordana clothing met the needs of enthusiasts while retaining the authenticity of true Italian race wear. In the 90's, Giordana expanded throughout the European racing circuit. The Motorola team, in its entire existence, never wore anything other than Giordana technical wear. Other division 1 teams including Cofidis, Lotto, ONCE and Telekom raced exclusively in Giordana apparel. In the US, teams such as IME, SAAB, Mercury, Nautilus-Barracuda and Schwinn-Toyota all enjoyed the benefits of Giordana's exceptional clothing. US National Champions along with the winners of the Tour DuPont and the Tour de France all donned Giordana apparel on the winners' podiums.

In the 21st century Giordana continues to push the technology envelope. The list of elite teams and organizations grows every year. Designs are always evolving and manufacturing processes are under constant review. In 2004, Giordana moved into an enlarged facility in Italy that brought all phases of assembly under one roof. In 2014, a brand new state-of-the-art factory in northern Italy guarantees the unequalled quality that is Giordana. 

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Giordana Women's Fusion Capri ~

In direct response to our BiKyle women cyclists, Giordana developed a summer weight Capri short that has quickly become one of our top sellers. Time tested microfiber fabric focuses on comfort and quality to insure maximum value. Giordana's exclusive blend maintains a perfect Contour-womens fit* while an added compression mix optimizes athletic performance. A wicking layer maintain body temperature in all climates. Added features include soft Jacquard elastic leg bands, a Yoga inspired waistband, reflective accents, and a premium women's specific "Cirro"** chamois. Color is black with reflective highlights ....  $129.99    Add to CART

*Giordana's Women's Contour Fit™ optimizes the fit and paneling of garments to the unique proportions and anatomy of the female form in the riding position. Their women's-specific fit accounts for the different measurement relationships of the female body, including a proportionally longer torso, different hip to waist ratio, and narrower shoulders.

**Specifically designed for Giordana's top-of-the-line bibs and shorts, the Cirro chamois pad is the most advanced insert in the Giordana collection. Variable contour is 14mm at its thickest point. The uppermost layer utilizes a special Nylon microfiber that incorporates Aloe Vera  permanently impregnated into the material. Aloe cools, protects and even heals the skin while the rider is in the saddle. Additionally, it defends against bacterial infection. Underneath the 3 upper layers is an 8mm thick section of open cell padding that is hand sewn to the materials above. This highly ventilated padding is cut to a unique smaller shape that protects and supports the rider at crucial points against the saddle. To ensure that seams never come in contact with the rider's body, all stitches are completely concealed in recessed channels. The Cirro insert is elastic-stretching to conform to all movements on the bike while returning to its original shape after exercise. The advanced technology and attention to detail make the Cirro the finest women's specific pad available from any manufacturer.


Giordana Mens Jerseys ~

FRC Jersey ~

The most technically advanced jersey available today. Specially designed to limit vertical stretch to prevent sagging while permitting horizontal stretch for a near custom fit. Made with Astoria 2.0 on front, sides, shoulders, sleeves, collar, pockets, and rear center panel. Host Carbon rear flanking panels, Kite mesh under arms and inside collar, AeroLite cuffs with interwoven silicone arm grippers, wide and soft elastic Jacquard rear waistband with inner silicone grippers, ergonomic panels for optimum fit, full CamLock reversed zipper with zipper garage to prevent snags, 3 rear cargo pockets plus a 4th pocket with zipper, internal button hole to run iPod or radio headphones, reflective accents for safety.

In,, blue.white,, or .... $199.99    Add to CART


Laser ~

Ultralight jersey for warmest weather. More contoured than Silverline (below). Rubberized logos.

In blue, white, black, or red .... $169.99    Add to CART


Silverline ~

Tremendous value in a pro quality jersey, the Silverline is essentially the FRC jersey of previous years.

In blue, black, lime, red, orange, or white .... $119.99    Add to CART



Giordana Women's Jerseys ~

Same materials and advanced features as the men's versions, but in women's specific cuts and specially dyed colors.

FRC in black with pink trim or white with black and red trim .... $169.99

Laser in black with white trim or red with white trim .... $149.99

Silverline short sleeve in purple, sky blue, green, orange, Diva pink, or black .... $119.99

Silverline sleeveless in, sky blue.white, or purple.white .... $109.99

Silverline tank top in black.white, sky blue.white, Diva pink.white, or purple.white .... $99.99



Mens Giordana Shorts ~   


FRC Bib Shorts ~  

The FRC carbon bib shorts are derived from the revolutionary Forma Red™ bibs and are now easily the most advanced and best fitting shorts on the market. Constructed of high compression HC-44 nylon/Lycra with "Ametista" fabric. Ametista has threads of carbon woven into it to control the stretch of the fabric, reinforce the strength, and repel electronic interference from cell phone towers and power lines that can negatively affect performance. Ametista is used in the bib uppers, at the cuffs, at the sides, and onto the back of the shorts. At these locations, it is backed by "Anitqua" fabric with perforations that create air pockets against the skin and allow air to permeate.

Newly shaped cut-outs in the uppers eliminate excess fabric and ergonomically conform to the body on the bike while making the uppers lighter and more breathable. No seams are used at all in the uppers, which lie completely flat and smooth against the body. Instead of stopping at the end of the straps, the Ametista continues down to wrap the internal organs around the waist. At the leg bands the combination of the two fabrics enhances the benefit of traditional grippers to keep the garment in place seamlessly. Reflective elements add visibility to the legs. Includes Giordana's finest Cirro OF chamois with aloe vera infusion. The pad contours to the body in motion and returns to its original shape every time. Warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Available in all black or black with red trim .... $249.99    Add to CART


Silverline Bib Shorts, mens ~

Higher quality and better fit than team-issue bib shorts from most companies, Giordana's Silverline Bib shorts excellent value. Made of certified Power nylon/spandex for lasting performance and durability. Anti-abrasion Zaffiro on inner legs and seat panels is woven with stretch in all directions so it moves fluidly with the body. The upper panel design, including a modified Core Contour System, is borrowed from Giordana's Laser Bibs. A mesh strip ergonomically wraps the waist to prevent bunching in the riding position while providing superior ventilation. The uppers are made of breathable, wicking Micromesh to keep you cool and dry. Soft doubled LoPro45 silicone at the cuffs is more comfortable than traditional grippers. The new Nimbo OmniForm chamois pad contours to the body in motion and returns to its original shape after every ride. Stocked in all black or black with white cuffs .... $149.99    Add to CART



Silverline Shorts, mens ~   

Giordana's Silverline shorts are anatomically shaped to conform to the movements of a cyclist on bike. Made of Moxie, a nylon/spandex power certified material that provides a high rate of compression that actually massages away muscle fatigue as you ride! Zaffiro anti-abrasion fabric is used on inner leg and seat panels for excellent durability. A Core Contour System of stretch-mesh provides superior ventilation. LoPro45 cuffs include silicone grippers. The advanced Nimbo OmniForm chamois is 1-piece seamless that stretches with the body. Available in all-black or black with white cuffs .... $119.99    Add to CART



Fusion Shorts, mens ~

A true high performance short at a budget price. Made of Moxie, a nylon/spandex fabric with 210 g/m2 plus LoPro45 cuffs, wide and soft waistband with silicone gripper, reflective accents for visibility. Includes Giordana's seamless Nimbo OmniForm chamois with additional padding for extra comfort - padding varies from 4mm to 13mm at thickest center. Microfiber upper layer for perspiration control. Color is black .... $89.99


Womens Giordana Shorts ~    

Same materials and advanced features as the men's versions, but in women's specific cuts.

FRC Bib Shorts, womens ~

Black .... $174.99    Add to CART


Silverline Bib Shorts, women's ~

Made of high compression Moxie on leg panels plus Zaffiro anti-abrasion fabric on inside seat panels for durability and reduced friction plus LoPro 45 leg cuffs, the women's Silverline bibs precisely contour to a woman's body. The high rate of compression massages muscles while you ride. The Nimbo-W Omniform chamois is a seamless 1-piece insert that stretches with body movements, specially molded for a woman's anatomy. Color is black with silver leg band .... $129.99


Womens Silverline Shorts ~

Made of Nilo 220, a silky soft 220 g/m2 stretch fabric, and LoPro 45 leg cuffs, the womens Silverline precisely contours to a woman's body. Features criss-cross yoga waistband for ultimate comfort. The Nimbo-W chamois is a seamless 1-piece insert that stretches with body movements, specially molded for a woman's anatomy. Color is black with silver leg band .

Qty:       Giordana Silverline shorts, womens            $99.99

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