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Fenders ~


Road ~

SKS RaceBlade XL ~

New for 2012, full length quick release fenders for 700 x 25-32c tires. By combining the splash coverage of a full fender with the benefit of quick release mounting, RaceBlade XL sets the standard for full coverage road bike fenders. Includes adapter for aero forks plus 2.5" mud flap. Mounts to brake bolt and wheelset's quick release nut. Perfectly adapts to the radius of the wheel by changing stay length with adjustment pin. NO dropout eyelets required! Made in Germany, color is black .... $64.99 pair    Add to CART


SKS RaceBlade Shorties ~

A light, high quality fender system for quick off-on installation on race bikes

Light and sleek, the RaceBlade Shorty snaps off-on in just minutes!

With current race bikes there is not enough clearance between tires and brake crowns to insert a fender. With the RaceBlade Shorties, SKS has very inventively solved this problem. The Shorties stop at the brake crown so clearance is no longer an issue. The quick release mounting bands securely hold the fenders in place. Color is black .... $64.99 pair    Add to CART

bullettop quality quick-release fender for road bikes
bulletofficial fenders of Team Telekom
bulletno dropout eyelets required!
bulletoptimized aerodynamics
bullettool free installation
bulletsuperlight - just 235 grams front and rear combined!
bulletfits almost all racing bikes (700 x 18-23c)
bulleteasily adjusts to any angle
bulletmade in Germany

Mountain ~