Campy Triple
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Shimano Dura Ace 7900~



NOTE - Only the primary drivetrain parts (crankset, bottom bracket cupset, front and rear derailleurs) are specific to the Campagnolo triple setups. The rest of the parts (Ergo shifters, brake calipers and chains along with seatposts and headsets when needed) can be pulled from any of Campagnolo's speed mechanical groups. One caveat: use only 11-speed parts with 11-speed systems and only 10-speed parts with 10-speed systems.


New !Athena™ 11x3 Triple Parts ~

Now available - Campagnolo Athena 11-speed triple !

Lighter - faster - smoother - quicker



Athena 11spd Power Torque triple Crankset ~

With triple chainrings to fit 11-speed drive systems! Forged aluminum arms are hollowed to reduce weight. Includes light alloy fixing bolts and nuts. Light alloy chainrings feature XPSS™ (eXtreme Performance Shifting System) for precise shifts even under load. Included oversized POWER-TORQUE™ axle requires POWER-TORQUE™ bottom bracket cups to complete installation (see below). Weight is 904 grams. Available with 170, 172.5 and 175mm arm lengths and 52-39-30 tooth chainrings. In black or silver


Athena 11spd triple Ergoshifters ~

Campagnolo's 11-speed Ergoset with triple indexed shifting on the left lever to handle Athena's 11-speed triple crankset. Features ergo shaped hoods for comfort and control, adjustable finger reach, short pull cable actuation. Weight is 375 grams. Color is black. 



Athena 11spd triple Rear derailleur ~

Aluminum body mated to aluminum cage with total weight of 216 grams. Specially designed long rocker cage supports 29t largest cog and 39t total chain wrap. Ultra-Shift Parallelogram increases overall stiffness for faster, more precise shifting in all conditions. Long Rocker maximizes performance with 29t rear cog. Pulleys in special rubber reduce chain friction. Color is black.


Athena 11spd triple Front derailleur ~

Specially designed for triple 11-speed crankset. Chainring maximum is 52t and minimum is 30t. Includes anti-friction insert with surface hardened nickel-chromium cage. Color is black with silver cage. Available in braze-on only, but clamp adapters are available. Weight is 101 grams.                           Front derailleur clamps


Athena 11-speed Power Torque cupset ~

To accommodate a wide variety of frame-types the Power Torque cupset is ordered separately from the crankset. Select from standard English threading, standard Italian threading, or oversized cups: BB30 (42mm bearings), PressFit PF30 (46mm bearings), OS86 (41mm bearings). Each size is dependent on your frameset construction so check your frame specs before ordering.



Centaur™ 10x3 Triple Parts ~

Centaur 10spd Power Torque triple Crankset ~

Forged aluminum alloy crankset with attached spindle for Campagnolo's Power Torgue bottom bracket cupset. Color is black with red accents. Available in your choice of 170, 17.25, or 175 arms and chainrings in 52x39x30 or 50x39x30 .... $419.99    Add to CART       



Centaur 10spd Ergo Shifters ~

For 10-speed rear derailleur and both double and triple front derailleurs. With this excellent design the same left Ergo lever works for both double and triple cranksets. Have your mechanic set the inside and outside throw adjustments and away you go! Levers have black hoods and genuine carbon fiber brake levers ..... $309.99 pair    Add to CART



Centaur 10spd triple Rear derailleur ~

Extra long cage to handle triple drive train. Works with all Campagnolo 10 speed shifters.

Black .... $209.99 .... $219.99    Add to CART



Centaur 10spd triple Front derailleur ~

Specially designed long and wide cage to smoothly handle triple drive train. Works best with Campagnolo's "QS" quick shift left Ergolevers. Optimized for your choice of 52 or 50t large chainring. Black body with silver cage .... 144.99    Add to CART 



Mix and Match 10 Speed Triple Parts ~

Mix and Match - Yes, you can mix Campagnolo parts from any of the various groups. For example, use a Record triple crankset with a Chorus triple rear derailleur, a Comp triple front derailleur, and a Veloce 10 speed chain. Everything works together with 1 caveat, the bottom bracket (see chart below).

Crank and bottom bracket compatibility, 10-speed:

Triple crank Spindle length Bottom bracket matches
Record 111 Record or Chorus
Chorus 111 Record or Chorus
Centaur 115 Centaur, Veloce, Mirage, Comp, or Race
Veloce 115 Centaur, Veloce, Mirage, Comp, or Race
Mirage 115 Centaur, Veloce, Mirage, Comp, or Race
Comp 115 Centaur, Veloce, Mirage, Comp, or Race
Race 115 Centaur, Veloce, Mirage, Comp, or Race

*QS, when specified = Left-hand control mechanism on QS Ergo shifter has been slightly modified to increase shifting speed when interfaced with QS™ front derailleurs. You can mix QS shifters and non-QS front derailleurs with only a slight decrease in shifting speed.

Sorry, sizes not listed below are no longer available.


10-speed Square Taper Cranksets ~

Comp (silver) 170mm with 53-42-30 chainrings .... $259.99    Add to CART



10-speed Square Taper Bottom Brackets ~

Record 111mm (carbon shell, splined cupset, asymmetric axle) in Italian thread only .... $144.99    Add to CART

Centaur 115mm (splined cupset, symmetrical axle) in English or Italian thread .... $89.99    Add to CART


10-speed Ergo shifters ~

Record QS* 10 speed .... $499.99    Add to CART

Record QS* 9 speed .... $389.99    Add to CART

Chorus QS* 10 speed .... $419.99    Add to CART  

Centaur QS* 10 speed with carbon fiber brake lever, black .... $259.99    Add to CART   

Centaur QS* 10 speed with aluminum brake lever, silver .... $239.99    Add to CART 

Veloce QS* 10 speed in your choice of black or silver .... $199.99    Add to CART


10-Speed Rear Derailleurs ~

Record (carbon-Ti) in black/silver (for 26t largest cog and 36t total chain wrap) .... $449.99    Add to CART

Record (carbon-Ti) in black/silver (for 29t largest cog and 39t total chain wrap) .... $349.99    Add to CART

Chorus (carbon) in black/silver (for 26t largest cog and 36t total chain wrap) .... $309.99    Add to CART

Veloce in black (for 26t largest cog and 36t total chain wrap) .... $139.99    Add to CART


10-Speed Front Derailleurs ~

*Campagnolo's triple front derailleurs fit a large ring with maximum 52t and small ring minimum of 30t

Record with 35mm clamp .... $109.99    Add to CART

Chorus with 35mm clamp .... $79.99    Add to CART

Comp QS* with 32 or 35mm clamp .... $89.99; in braze-on .... $79.99    Add to CART

Campagnolo Triple groups ~

*For a complete group add the Campagnolo 10-speed shifters of your choice (Record, Chorus, Athena, Centaur, or Veloce) plus brake calipers, 10-speed cassette, and 10-speed chain. Though we may be able to find remaining Record or Chorus shifters, only Centaur and Veloce remain in production. Centaur Ergolevers come in both carbon and aluminum versions while Veloce is aluminum only.