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Cycling Books


Where to Bike Philadelphia ~

Where to Bike Philadelphia includes 71 total rides rated for beginners through advanced riders, 21 trips to take with the kids, routes to local hangouts and tours through scenic South Jersey. Includes accurate GPS maps and detailed mile-by-mile ride descriptions. By Julie Lorch, hardcover, spiral binding, 280 pages .... $24.99



Story of the Tour de France, 1903-1964 ~

Here is the long awaited definitive history of the world's most exciting race, the Tour de France. Written by our close friends and Italian riding buddies, Bill and Carol McGann, this is a must-have for every serious fan of this great sport. Meticulously researched for more than 10 years, this books lays out the ins and outs of all the heroes and the less heroic. 307 pages, soft cover, with 15 classic black and white photos included.

At the dawn of the 20th Century, French newspapers used bicycle races as promotions to build readership. Until 1903 these were one-day events. Looking to deliver a coup de grace in a vicious circulation war, Henri Desgrange—editor of the Parisian sports magazine L’Auto—took the suggestion of one of his writers to organize a race that would last several days longer than anything else, like the 6-day races on the track, but on the road.

That’s exactly what happened. For almost 3 weeks the riders in the first Tour de France rode over dirt roads and cobblestones in a grand circumnavigation of France. The race was an electrifying success. Held annually, the Tour grew longer and more complex with an ever-changing set of rules. Each year a new cast of riders assembled to contest what has now become the greatest sporting event in the world.


This first volume of The Story of the Tour de France chronicles the evolution of the event, and the sport of cycle racing, from the tough, brutal days of the first primitive 1-speed chain-driven bikes through 1964.

"After forty years of study on the subject, I can with some confidence say Bill and Carol McGann’s The Story of the Tour de France is the finest such work ever produced in the English language, and perhaps in any. Most of my preferred references are in French, one runs to over 800 pages, yet the McGanns’ opus revealed information new to me in almost every paragraph. His research has been not only impeccable, but insightful." - Owen Mulholland

Order now, these first edition books are all personally signed by the authors!

Qty:       book - Tour de France History, 1903-1964            $15.95

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Core Performance ~

The revolutionary workout program to transform you body and your life! At your core, there's an incredible athlete. Lean, yet powerful. Strong, but still flexible. World-class trainer Mark Verstegen shows you how to use your core to transform your body and your life, turn back the clock, speed up your metabolism, trim your waistline, build muscle, and gain boundless energy. More than a workout routine, Verstegen's 12-week comprehensive program reveals the athlete that's always been inside you! 271 pages, softcover. From Rodale Press. Foreword by Nomar Garciaparra.

"This is the best decision I have ever made with regard to improving and educating myself as an athlete. I just wish I had made it sooner." - Mia Hamm, Olympic and world champion soccer player

Qty:     book - Core Performance                    $18.95

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Training and Racing with a Power Meter ~

"Let the experts, Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan, Ph.D, show you how to ride faster and smarter!"

Ask any pro, power meters have become the ultimate training tool. But what can one do for you? It's simple: with every crank of the pedals a power meter will show you how to improve your performance. But first you have to understand how to use this great new technology. "Training and Racing with a Power Meter" is the first book to fully explore the benefits and methodology of power-based training. You'll find step-by-step instructions on how to incorporate power into your training and easy explanations of the results that will have you climbing, sprinting, time trialing, and racing better than ever. Let the experts, Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan, Ph.D, show you how to ride faster and smarter! 224 pages, softcover.

Includes fundamentals of power in triathlon racing!

Qty:     book - Training & Racing with a Power Meter        $19.99

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"Racing Tactics for Cyclists" by Thomas Prehn

Competitive cycling is about using good technique and having a strong tactical sense, "race smarts". With his 14-years of experience, Tom Prehn shows you the racing tactics that can humble even the most potent rival.

bulletReading a race to anticipate the outcome
bulletcriterium and stage race tactics
bulletwhen to attack and when to lay back
bulletpace lines, echelons, blocking, and breakaways
bulletnow to deal with crashes and other disasters
bulletmuch, much more!

Copyright 2004 from VeloPress, 209 pages, softcover

Qty:     Racing Tactics for Cyclists        $18.95

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"High-Performance Cycling", edited by Asker E. Jeukendrup, PhD

28 International experts give you an edge in technique, training, equipment, and racing. Separate yourself from the pack with cutting-edge techniques onr racing and training.

bullettest and achieve your potential
bulletdesign a program to meet your specific needs
bulletmonitor and fine tune your program for substantial improvement
bulletride faster with better aerodynamics
bulletfuel your body for top performance
bulletproperly monitor recovery and stay injury free

Copyright 2002 from Human Kinetics, 284 pages, softcover

Qty:       High-Performance Cycling         $24.95

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Bike Racing 101 ~

Packed with advice and insights, "Bike Racing 101" is the single best resource for cyclists who already have a firm grasp on biking basics and are ready to compete. From bike preparation to competitive tactics, this book gives you the essential information you need to hone your skills, chart your course, and get the most out of every race. 211 pages, softcover, copyright 2003.

Qty:        book - Bike Racing 101        $18.95

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The Triathletes Training Bible by Joe Friel

343 pages, oversized softcover. Every amateur and professional triathlete, or anyone thinking about taking up the sport needs this extensive training bible written by the author of The Cyclist's Training Bible. Entire chapters devoted to planning, racing, rest, recovery, nutrition, tons more .... $19.95    Add to CART



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