Body Care
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Body Care ~

Don't take your body for granted!


Sport Wash ~

Use instead of regular detergent in order to increase longevity in all your technical fabrics


Restores factory applied waterproofing


Restores wicking and breathability


Completely removes odors


Prevents damage from residue chorine


Removes blood and grass stains


Prevents color fading


Restores loft to winter garments



Contains 20 fluid ounces for 20 wash loads .... $10.99    Add to CART 


Sports Sun Protection ~

A cooling and effective protection against solar radiation ~ Freddie's Sun Protector 15 is specifically designed for endurance sports. An essential pre-ride treatment for summer centuries, Freddie's SP15 is fully water and perspiration resistant and has a cooling effect that energizes the body to noticeably increase endurance. The UV A/B 15 factor effectively protects against harmful solar radiation while simultaneously preparing the muscles for maximum output .... $18.99    Add to CART


Body Glide ~

Essential lubricant for wetsuits as it won't harm delicate materials. But equally good for preventing all irritations due to chafing and rubbing. Excellent for feet too! Convenient no mess, non-greasy .45 oz stick for easy application.

Qty:   Body Glide - lubricating cream                     $7.99

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Top seller !

Assos Chamois Cream ~ 

In good stock now!

Modern cycling shorts wick so well that they actually draw the skin's natural lubricating oils away from your body. Without a salve in the body's surface or rubbed into the chamois, cycling can become unnecessarily uncomfortable. When the dry skin gets rubbed raw saddle sores, and even infections, are the likely result. Always use a cycling-specific anti-bacterial ointment on your shorts! 

Wash your good shorts indoors in a mild detergent. Sport Wash is an excellent cleanser. Turn the shorts inside out and air dry indoors - no sunlight! Then, apply a moderate coating of Assos Chamois Cream. It lubricates, softens, and kills bacteria. Try it, you'll be addicted for life! 140 ml tub .... $24.99    Add to CART