Bianchi Pinella Boron, 2009 ~

There is a lot more behind this very special frameset than it first seems. Yes, steel is real. But in the case of this frame, it's built like a tank; not as heavy as one but much stiffer than other steel frames on the market. The thinly drawn tube set is over sized at the BB and chainstays to reduce twisting under hard loads such as climbing and sprinting.

Boron Steel is heavily used in the automotive industry
for its reduced weight and extra strength . In areas of the chassis, such as the front/bumper, side door impact beams, B-Pillars and roof lines, companies like Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Porsche, and Volkswagen rely on this material in order to achieve industry-high crash test ratings on their vehicles. It only stands to reason that in bike frame form, Boron Steel has a special place on the road.

Boron is added to steel during the manufacturing process to create a harder than normal steel. Harder in the sense of stronger/higher level of durability-strength. If too much Boron is added the steel becomes brittle. If it's bent by a violent impact, Boron Steel is only straightened by heating with a torch. Even then, the material has become greatly weakened during this post manufacturing heating resulting in a significant decrease in strength. Thankfully, it's nearly as hard to bend as titanium!

Boron tubes are rough cut to length with a plasma-arc torch and cut-off disc. Titanium drill bits will penetrate the material when drilled at a slow speed but in return, last only a few holes. Don't even think of using a carbide drill bit. The carbide insert on the bit will crack after a couple of attempts.

Due to Boron Steel's low alloy and impurity content, MIG welding is used to join the tubes together, whereas TIG is used on the familiar air-hardened Reynolds 853 and other popular steels. With temperatures sky rocketing above that of normal steel manufacturing, galvanization is impossible to perform on the material. Instead, after welding, a rust inhibiting epoxy primer is added to the surface of the material to prevent oxidization.

The Pinella Boron Steel frameset is part of the
Bianchi Individual Program. Cycles BiKyle can special order an Italian made, custom measured frame, painted in celeste with your name on the top tube. The upcharge is just $300. Contact Cycles BiKyle for complete information.